Why Cyprofood?

Cyprofood only represents the best in the industry, ensuring top quality

Cyprofood has grown with nature with a unique offering that is based on a flexibile individualised service constructed to combine the quality assurance of its fresh produce with the flexibility of seamless links between growers and suppliers and our customers.

Built on experience and expertise gained over decades and continents, Cyprofood delivers unique service tailored to your needs and expectations

Committed growth and improvement, cyprofood recognises that future growth and success is reliant on working with growers suppliers to improve the quality and standards of its fresh fruit and vegetables to meet and exceed consumer expectations.

Our Mission at Cyprofood

We strive to provide value for customers with a range of the finest quality fruit & vegetables and a consistent highest quality service. We work together as a team, whom are committed to providing a seamless link between growers and producers and our customers.

We aim to grow with nature in the market place through our broad customer base, and our competitive advantages: our people, our suppliers, our link between growers and producers and our customers; delivering our customers with exceptional fresh produce and service.