Key partner to independent retail stores

Cyprofood Wholesale has been established since 2007 and within the years has gained many experiences in its journey; thus, over the years Cyprofood has become the go-to place within its sector. Cyprofood is the first of seven companies, followed by Ava Produce, RS Properties London Limited, Mirpa Limited, Lotus Produce, Village Quality Products and Village Watermelons operating under the umbrella of Masca Holding.

Cyprofood Wholesale has been committed to mastering and supplying its customer needs which has led to the growth. We have become a solid bridge with an infrastructure, breaking borders between farmers and consumers, making it a goal to supply the best quality from the most accurate farm for competitive prices, and this has been our main strategy for customer satisfaction since established. With this purpose we have travelled and visited manufacturers and growers from different parts of the planet to bring our precious customers the best produce. Working with eco-friendly producers has always been our priority.

We are not aiming to work with high margins for short-term, vice versa; we are willing to work with smaller margins however for a long-term partnership because one of our main goals are to grow together with our main supporters. For this reason, we have not operated according to our company needs only but have taken into consideration the needs of retailers and consumers.

Our story begins from where you are and we know you and your needs very well. Our journey has begun from the demand of a 24-hour operating fresh produce wholesaler 14 years ago from the North of London and today we are stocking and constantly improving our current product range reaching over three thousand products.

We come from a cultural background that believes in; success comes from the amount of value you put in the work you do and being most productive doing something you enjoy and love.

Last but not least; we are promising to supply you precious retailers, caterers, off-licence, foodservices and other sectors from A to Z in our soon to be announced new premises. We have found the solution for you not to spend all day in different suppliers for a best price hunt but to find everything under one roof and spend more time in your own businesses while we do the rest.

Because we have made a promise to grow together…